Based on the latest data from the CDC and area healthcare organizations, as much as we want to reopen our Center, we are hesitant due to the possibility of exposure.
Researchers estimate that the Delta variant of COVID-19 is 50% more contagious than the “original” variant. KC, MO has reinstated the indoor mask mandate.
Since many of our seniors (even if they are fully vaccinated) may have compromised immune systems, our Board and Staff agree that we should proceed with caution hosting group activities at our Centers. Until vaccination rates increase considerably and hospitalization rates decrease, our Centers will remain closed.

Our Mission

We enable seniors to live full and independent lives by providing nutrition services as well as opportunities to interact with others and socialize in activities throughout the community. PSSI is a 501C 3 nonprofit agency serving Platte County seniors, age 60 and older, since 1982. We provide activities, education, exercise and various services at our Centers.

Platte County Resource Center

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