Home Delivered Meals

In Missouri, as many as 1 in 8 seniors are struggling with food insecurity. This means roughly 170,000 seniors in Missouri struggle with not having regular access to food. Many seniors living at home are at an increased risk of hunger compared to younger adults due to issues such as health conditions, disability, or functional limitations that affect their ability to obtain and prepare meals. Platte Senior Services, Inc. is a proud provider of a variety of services for the senior community of Platte County. One such program is our home delivered meal service. Our home delivered meal program provides a nutritious, dietitian-approved lunch to seniors throughout Platte County. Our clientele has the opportunity to personalize their home delivered meal program from 5 days a week to just one day a week and everywhere in between to meet the personal needs of our senior population. A $7.00 per meal charge helps us continue to serve Platte County. Please call us at 816-270-4100 for more information.